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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Almost two weeks ago, I posed the question whether America had anything to give back to France when it comes to cuisine. One restaurant I mentioned in particular was Verjus. I visited this restaurant during my recent trip to Paris (more on that in later blogs). It did not let me down. It is discrete and welcoming at the same time--the perfect combination of American and French culture. We had the tasting menu, and was incredible. A creative mix of flavors and textures and techniques.

The pace of the dinner was perfect and the wine chosen for each course was dang-near-perfect. Boston chef, Braden Perkins, has done a wonderful job of combining American flavors and sensibilities with classic French techniques and presentation.

I highly recommend that anyone visiting Paris who is serious about food visit Verjus. Vive les Americains!

Here's the tasting menu I had:

citrus cured banka trout, 
cold smoked potato, buttermilk, winter greens

cherrystone clams, 
clam soup, celery root, thyme oil, garlic crouton, 
house harissa, wild thyme, lovage

warm egg yolk, 
soft polenta, salsify, sweet onion, frisee
baby leeks, pumpernickle, kimchi

skillet duck breast, 
winter cabbage kraut, orange, rye, 
mustard greens

grilled hanger steak, 
oxtail broth, roast parsnips, pickled carrots, 
mustard seeds, wild greens

early grey frozen yogurt, 
chocolate mousse cake, bergamot marmalade, 
vanilla meringues

fresh walnut tart, 
orange toffee, walnut butter, whipped cream, 
bourbon caramel

Here's me with the Chef/Owner, Braden Perkins:

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