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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fast Food in France! Mon Dieu!

Here's an interesting article I came across in this morning's Wall Street Journal, about how the Parisians are dealing with fast food: 


Keep in mind that this is the Parisian's version of fast food, what they call "fast good" ("good" rhymes with "food" in French). This equates to our food truck trend here—i.e., locally sourced ingredients of high quality.  But here's where it gets interesting, the French don't have any experience with tortillas, edible corn, or the kind of beef cuts we use here. As a result, French suppliers are having a hard time catching up to this new trend. Anyway, when you read this, you'll get a chuckle about the fact that the French don't know what to do with a warm tortilla, or that they think a cheesesteak is "cheese cake!"

And finally, I can't help but be reminded of the real contribution America is really starting to make in the Cartesian world of French cuisine, even if it is the humble cheesesteak! 

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