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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Where Are They Now? (New Series)

I'm starting a new series for this blog called, "Where Are They Now:... ?" The posts in this series will appear from time and will be about foods or dishes that you don't see much anymore, either in restaurants or at home. Each one will begin with the title: Where Are They Now: [Insert Dish or Food].

In putting together the list of topics for this series, I discovered that a lot of them were based on foods or dishes from the Seventies. This makes sense personally but historically as well. How Americans ate really began to change when the Seventies gave way to the Go-Go 80s. Let's face it, for those who remember, the Seventies were kinda glum. There were the last dying gasps of Vietnam, Watergate, two oil crises, the hostage crises, and....disco. We cannot forget about disco. The food we ate, especially at home, reflected this period. It was simple, cheap, easy to make and unpretentious. And many times, not very good.

As for the personal, many of these foods or dishes resonate with me in both positive and negative terms. Some of them I loathed—others I loved. But love or hate, they bring back a lot of memories from my childhood. (Yes, I went all Proustian  there again—it's a common theme on this blog.)

Finally, I'm going to do something different for this series. I'm going to let my dear readers (all 10 of them) decide which of the following topics receives the honor of being the first post. And who knows? If this works out well, I may do other series as well. 

Ok, here's the list: 

Liver & Onions
Shish Kabobs
Beef Stroganoff
Stuffed Green Bell Peppers
Jello Salad
Chipped Beef & Toast
Corned Beef & Cabbage
Chicken a la King
La Choy Pre-packed Chinese Food
Hamburger Helper
Beanie Weenies
Vienna Sausages

The polls are now open!

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